Merendi company has been in the artificial flowers and plants industry for over 30 years and its establishment is dated back to 1978.
Originally, we were one of the first manufacturing companies of those products commonly known as false flowers and plants.

Due to the international market evolution, around the mid 1980s the entire production process of these commodities is moved to the Far East and Merendi decides to discontinue the production, becoming a leader import/export firm specialised in home décor polyester artificial flowers and plants.
Merendi is a dynamic and innovative company, selling and exporting exclusively to wholesalers a wide variety of high quality artificial flowers and plants, as well as a huge range of accessories matching home decoration trends.




Twice a year a private show is held in the company’s showroom to present and pre-sell to the clientele the latest and brand new Spring and Autumn/Christmas Collections, in July and January respectively, along with a permanent assortment of florists’ favourites and must-have items, available all year round.


High-end products, proven competence and kindness are the distinctive features of Merendi, a well-organised company with a computerised network of professional salesmen, always very attentive to market demand changes and clients’ needs.