In our over 1000 square metre-showroom, emotions become simultaneously spectacular and real: the display is totally changed every six months with the skilful help and work of the most renowned florist designers, transporting us in a virtual trip full of colours, shapes, and styles of the seasons to come.

Each showcase is uniquely and themed arranged; colours and sensations are the path guiding clients through the showroom.


The twice yearly showroom refreshing clashes with the launch of the brand new collections: the Spring/Summer Collection taking place between July to September and the Autumn/Christmas Collections held in January and February.

Visiting our showroom will also make it possible to touch and check out the high quality of our products.



Primavera 2010 - Sensi

Primavera 2009 - Hybrid

Natale 2009 - Riflessi

Natale 2008 - Merendi Next

Primavera 2008 - Colors

Natale 2007 - Forme


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